Towards a secure future: food sustainability in KSA

Towards a secure future: food sustainability in KSA

There’s been a lot of global press about the Saudi Vision 2030, and much of that coverage has focused on the nation’s efforts to drive economic diversification. But something that hasn’t been so noisily discussed in the worldwide chatter is this:

Saudi Arabia is taking crucial steps to improve food sustainability.

In recent years, the country has faced food security challenges due to factors including population growth, water scarcity, and climate change. As a result, the government has implemented several initiatives to address these issues – and work towards an abundant, healthy future for its citizens.

What food sustainability initiatives has Saudi Arabia launched?

Last year, Saudi Arabia launched the National Food Security Strategy. It’s a USD $10 billion plan to ensure sustainability and food security, and it covers the entire food supply chain – from production to consumption. It lays out finance-backed solutions to cultivate food locally; combat prolonged drought, and mitigate the impact of desertification and unpredictable rainfall; and promote healthy food consumption.

The Saudi Green Initiatives (SGI) is another far-reaching program which (at time of writing) encompasses 77 initiatives, all of which share a critical goal: to ensure quality of life for future generations. Within SGI, there are a number of initiatives that focus on food sustainability and food security – with aims to increase local agricultural productivity and reduce the country’s reliance on imported food.

Strategies within these initiatives include (but definitely aren’t limited to):

  • Improving irrigation and water management
  • Promoting the use of sustainable farming practices
  • Developing new crops that can be grown in the region

Another key driver of future food sustainability is the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC). It’s a state-owned company that aims to develop the agriculture sector in Saudi Arabia. As innovators in agriculture and nutrition, with acute knowledge of local challenges and opportunities, NADEC’s team is working to increase the production of high-quality food; support the growth of small and medium-sized farms; and promote the use of sustainable farming practices.

And in June 2023 KSA launched the Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge, in partnership with UpLink (the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum). It’s a global initiative that calls for innovative, climate-intelligent agriculture solutions – that will improve food production, enable greater resilience for farmers, and promote zero-emissions practices within agriculture.

Creating space for a sustainable food industry

The Saudi Arabian government has implemented several policies and regulations to support food sustainability in the country. The Food Safety Law, for example, aims to ensure the safety and quality of food products in the market, while the Water Conservation Law aims to reduce water waste and improve water management.

All of this points to one thing: Saudi Arabia is taking a proactive approach to improving food sustainability. And it’s a necessary focus, as the availability and quality of food becomes an increasing concern – not just for KSA, but for many countries around the world.

Here at InFlavour, we’re dedicated to creating space for a sustainable food industry to develop and thrive. As a global food and beverage (F&B) event in Riyadh, we have a strong focus on sustainability – and we’re bringing together leaders from all corners of the F&B industry (from global sourcing brands to top chefs, and everyone in between) to share knowledge, develop new ideas, and build partnerships that will enable better sustainable practices in the years to come.

At InFlavour, you’ll be able to:

  • Showcase and share your company’s sustainable practices, and learn from others
  • Expand your knowledge with demonstrations, workshops, and panel discussions on topics including sustainable farming, waste reduction, sustainable packaging, and more
  • Connect with consumers and ignite their passion for sustainability – because as more consumers become aware of the environmental impact of their food choices, the market for sustainable options will grow

Let’s be honest: the F&B industry isn’t always painted in the best light. Mainstream media highlights regulatory and marketing mistakes at every opportunity, and there’s a constant sense of tension between production, profit, and public perception.

And yet industry insiders know that F&B is full of inspiring individuals who want to contribute to a positive future.

So InFlavour is an opportunity for us to improve F&B’s public image. Let’s highlight what you’re doing to develop sustainable practices at every level, and show the world the good work that’s happening behind the scenes – to position sustainable food businesses as leaders in the industry, and to position the entire industry as a leader of positive change.

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