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InFlavour is Saudi Arabia’s only official government-backed trade event for the entire F&B industry from farm to fork (or should we say desert to dinner plate?). We’ve identified a need for more than just global F&B news, which often leaves you to wonder what this really means for the future of food, its security, sustainability, and innovation.

That’s why we’re more than a tradeshow.

The Sauce is InFlavour’s content & insights community, run by global experts and connecting you to insights, ideas, opinions, trends and strategies to help the industry solve key challenges and implement new opportunities presented to us, such as:

  • Increasing food and water security
  • Consumer trends and what’s working right now
  • Alternative protein and plant-based innovation
  • Food technology and investment
  • Concept restaurants around the world
  • Global culinary excellence
  • Reducing costs through increasing operational efficiency
  • Being sustainable and profitable

So, who is The Sauce for? Anyone with an interest and passion for food, and how we can work together to create a more sustainable planet from farmers, right through the supply chain, to the consumer. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, read our articles online, or listen to our podcast.

So, take 5, 10, 30 or more minutes, sit back, and digest our content.

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Like we said, this is a community. Share our content, add your thoughts, ask questions, engage with like minded pioneers, provoke new ideas, and become part of the change the world needs during these unprecedented times for the future of food.

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Newsletters are meant to save you time keeping up to date with what’s happening in the industry. InFlavour’s The Sauce newsletter is just a little bit different, as we share some of the biggest food trends and most unique advancements in food technology such as:

  • How farmers are using atmospheric rivers to their advantage
  • Chopsticks that increase the saltiness of food
  • How AI is changing food as we know it
  • 3D printed snacks

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