How foodies can identify gaps in the F&B market at InFlavour

How foodies can identify gaps in the F&B market at InFlavour

You’re a foodie. You’re inspired by the power of food to bring people together and you’re full of ideas for a food business in your future. But how do you narrow down all those ideas, zoom in on an idea that has potential to gain traction in the market, and make the shift from passionate gastronome to food & beverage (F&B) industry leader?

We’re excited to welcome you to InFlavour – an event that packs all the inspiration, knowledge, and global food industry networking you need into three days in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. If you dream of launching your own F&B business, this is the place to start.

Enjoy food and make connections

There’d be no point in coming to an F&B event if you didn’t get to enjoy an immersion into new tastes, soulful food experiences, and culinary arts inspiration – all of which will deepen your enthusiasm for food.

You’ll eat. And the food will be good.

And while you eat, you’ll have the opportunity to fill your contact book with people who can help you build your career – or your business – in F&B. Whether you’re looking for mentorship, investment, a future business partner, your ideal customer, or training opportunities to help you gain the skills you need; you’ll build relationships that you can leverage long into the future.

Upcoming keynote speakers include Marco Pierre White (the godfather of modern cooking), Manal Al Alem (celebrity chef, Manal’s Kitchen), Varun Inamdar (award-winning chef, chocolatier, and author), and many more. And you’ll have access to a proactive global community of F&B experts – all keen to explore fresh ideas and grow their businesses with new talent.

Generate business ideas based on real insights into the market

Generating food business ideas that have real potential for success requires an understanding of the market. And InFlavour is the place to gain that understanding – so you can identify areas of local or global markets where you can make a difference.

You’ll learn about everything from current and future consumer trends, to the transformation of farming and the journey towards a carbon-neutral F&B industry. You’ll discover (and try out) the latest food tech, and get a first look at new research that will change the food business ecosystem.

You’ll hear stories from entrepreneurs who went before you – gaining first-hand insights into their challenges, successes and failures, so you can get ahead of the game (and avoid making the same mistakes).

And if you’ve already got an idea for a food startup, you can talk about it. Test your ideas through conversations with peers and potential customers, and use those conversations to add more definition and purpose to your business plan.

Be inspired

F&B is a complex global industry. But for the entrepreneurs with the tenacity to build a thriving business in the sector, it’s full of opportunities.

You can discover those opportunities at InFlavour, and be inspired by the potential of your ideas to become profitable and have a real impact on your community.

Food has never just been about nutrition. It’s part of the fabric of every society in the world.

We celebrate that – and we’re creating a space for foodies to tie the threads of their ideas together, so you can build businesses that will form the fabric of our future.

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Take your seat at the InFlavour table, a government-backed and world-leading B2B food event by Tahaluf.

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